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SIC conducted an Impact Series Session on February 22nd

SIC conducted an Impact Series Session on February 22nd, with our guest Mr. Naik Qayoom Innovator, a grassroots innovator from Dooru tehsil of Ananthnag district in Kashmir. He gained recognition for his creations after overcoming several hurdles from the past to the present. He is now the founder of "The Kalam Innovation Centre" and the business B Naik Uprising Agricultural Industrial Prv. Ltd. He spoke about his own life, the lives of other rural innovators including Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Dar and Mr. Rafaz and Ishfaq Wani. He also spoke about important life skills for rural innovators and how to turn an idea into a business. The phrase "an idea can change your and everyone's life," which he first heard when he was young, gives him a huge motivation to keep innovating. As well as all innovators are motivated by a desire to improve their community by making their work easier and generating jobs for others. When a student asked about the integration of cutting-edge technology such as AI with grassroots innovation during the Q&A session, he said that while it is still expensive to include those technologies into their inventions, eventually doing so will improve people's quality of life. SIC is now focused on boosting rural innovators' businesses, carbon neutrality, supply chain, and other topics. In the future, these impact session series will have a greater influence generally.